Do what you love, we do creative production.

Bloomberry is an ever-evolving creative agency, a space for passionate people, and out-of-the-box visuals you'll definitely keep in mind.

We believe in a world where you can do what you love.

Anything you need, let’s make it awesome!

Branding & Graphic Design logo
Branding & Graphic Design
Let’s create your brands visual identity.
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Product Photos & Videos logo
Product Photos & Videos
Stunning photos for your webshop & social media to amaze your client before they buy the product.
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Social Media Management logo
Social Media Management
Create awareness and build a community around your brand.
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Awesome brands only. Do you want to belong here? See Full Portfolio

Your next big thing starts here.

Brand launch, rebranding, new product, brand awareness. We are your partner in all of them. Let’s make it awesome!
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Meet our Team

Just people who love what they do.
Petki Milán


Vajas Aliz

Creative Director

Fekete Balázs

Graphic Designer

Serar Szabolcs

Photographer & Videographer

Olcsvári-Barta Péter


Petru Barbara

Social Media Specialist

Szőke Timea

Graphic Designer & CSM

Kiss-Antal Csaba

Web Developer

Péntek Réka

Graphic Designer

Gósuly Timea

Graphic Designer

Let’s bring your brand to life.

Enough of boring brands. Let’s connect and kick off your next big brand awareness campaign. Roll out with awesome new brand identity visuals, shoot some videos and take some mesmerizing product photos. Together we reform your boring brand into an awesome one.
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Why Bloomberry?

Work with people who love what they do. So you can do what you love.

Fresh ideas

Fresh people, fresh ideas. We constantly bring new minds to our team, so we always have some new ideas!

Flexible Team

Your business is unique, so you need flexible solutions.

Awesome Visuals

We are proud of our passion for stunning visuals. We always make sure that our works look amazing!
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